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About Us

Koyal Wholesale, a leader in wedding and event supplies, launched SolidColorParty.com to offer bulk party supplies and decorations at wholesale case discounts.  We listened to our loyal customers to create this site to better serve the needs of professional party planners, wedding planners, and DIY party stylists.   We make it easy to order your bulk party supply needs while on the go - making it simple to quickly order via desktop, tablet, or mobile phone with hassle-free $9.95 FLAT RATE SHIPPING OR FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $75!

SolidColorParty.com is a way for us to directly pass discount savings on to you for bulk party supplies in wholesale case quantities.  We can offer incredible $9.95 flat rate shipping and free shipping on any order over $75 because we do not accept returns on wholesale party supplies orders.  If you are unsure of what bulk party products you need for your special event, please consult with your local professional party or event planner before making your purchase.

Thank you for making Koyal Wholesale (and SolidColorParty.com) your destination for wholesale party, wedding, and event supplies!

Please Note:  Koyal Wholesale has dedicated a separate team to running SolidColorParty.com to ensure your bulk party supply orders are processed promptly and efficiently.  

- Koyal Wholesale "SolidColorParty.com" Team